Daisy dreamer Nail Stickers

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This pack contains 34 nail stickers with yellow jewels, perfect for hair body and nails 

  • Pack of 34 nail stickers with yellow jewels

  • Hair, body and nail jewels

  • Self-adhesive nail stickers

  • Re-useable. Can be reapplied with eyelash/SFX glue

  • Cruelty free and vegan

  • Recyclable packaging 




For best rest apply clear nail varnish

Carefully remove the nail stickers, and place on your nails whilst they are still wet 


Face + body:

For best results, apply on clean skin and hair 

Remember to make sure the area you apply it to is not covered in oil-based makeup

Do not throw the stickers away, you can either re-use them by place back on the clear perspex or in your In Your Dreams cotton drawstring bag for safe keeping. If the jewels have lost their stick, simply apply some eyelash or sfx glue to re-apply! Or you can upcycle them, and stick them on your phone/laptop #ReuseRejewel 

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